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Crown Jewel Gourmet Popcorn was started over 20 years ago to provide true specialty gourmet popcorn to the discriminating popcorn connoisseur. We refuse to package our popcorn in microwave packaging (for YOUR health!) and appreciate the loyalty of our customers that know why!

Our family has been growing popcorn in Iowa for over 90 years!

Current Popcorn Specials

Hulless Popcorn Special!

Hulless Popcorn Special

All 6 varieties of our 1 lb bags of hulless popcorn at one low price of $27.95!
Please note that the hulless variety does NOT work in hot air poppers.
Hulless Popcorn Special

Hulless Popcorn Varieties:

Baby Pearl | Baby Opal | Baby Yellow Topaz | Petite Princess Amber | Southwest Gold
Baby Blue Sapphire | Information about Hulless Popcorn

Unique Products
Also check our Chile Dust and PURE maple sugar!

Pure Maple Sugar

Skatskill Mountain Pure Maple Sugar

The Best Maple Syrup refined to sugar.
100% maple syrup powder made exclusively for Crown Jewel Gourmet Popcorn!
Try it on Popcorn (of course) waffles, toast, anything!

$6.00 for 5 ounces.

Mapel Sugar

Wrapped and Delivered

Our popcorn gifts and old fashioned popcorn poppers can be sent wrapped as a gift to anyone on your list!

Wrapped & Delivered!

Gift Wrapping Available

Gift wrapping available for gift sets and popcorn poppers for just $5.00!
Select the gift wrap option during checkout.

Order Multiple Bags & Jars!

News and Fun Popcorn Ideas/Recipes

We have two new areas of the site: health information about popcorn and popcorn fun! For the holidays we'll leave up our popcorn ball recipe.

Did you know?

Crown Jewel Gourmet Popcorn is GMO FREE!
There are NO genetically modified organisms used, it is healthy as well as full of antioxidants!
All our popcorn is GLUTEN FREE!


Red Ruby Gourmet PopcornOnce again, you can experience the crunch, flavor and texture of great, wonderful mouthwatering popcorn. Crown Jewel Gourmet Popcorn brings you the finest popcorn grown in the World by the most knowledgeable and dedicated popcorn farmers. Every one of our select popcorns are chosen for the unique colors, hulless properties, small popcorn kernels, textures and true gourmet taste. Our products have been featured in 'PARADE' magazine as a great, healthy, gourmet food and was also included in ‘Food and Wine Magazine’ during their wine festival. We've been featured in in 'Country Living' and you can find us in Williams-Sonoma! True Gourmet Popcorn for everyone!

Crown Jewel is the only Gourmet Popcorn
that has been invited and featured at
the Aspen Food & Wine Festival.

Yellow Topaz

Our varieties include the world's smallest popcorn - Petite Princess Amber (hulless) and Baby Pearl (hulless). The Red Ruby and Purple Amethyst popcorn varieties are a must for any popcorn connoisseur who favors a crunchy, nutty, sweet kind of popcorn. The Blue Sapphire and Yellow Topaz provide a true intense corn flavor - one sweeter than the other. And finally our White Diamond Popcorn one of our hulless varieties, this is the finest, lightest and sweetest popcorn you will ever eat. Try any of our gourmet popcorn varieties and you will never eat "regular" popcorn again!

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